Joe's Immutable Law #2: Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen

Joe's Immutable Law #2: Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen

Again, what are these "laws?"

Hey friends! Check out a definition of these laws in our last article here (and read more about Law #1), or read all of them here for the quick definitions.

This is what we believe

  1. There's No Prestige In Busyness.
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen.
  3. Keep the Fingerprints. 

Last time, we talked about point 1: There's No Prestige in Busyness.

Once we've slowed down, we can truly look each other in the eyes. And we have to practice this for a while: being present with each other. Otherwise, it's just theory.

But then, after that, maybe we can begin to serve one another.

Number 2 awaits. 

Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen. 

As explained by Nate Templeton, Joe Brewski's founder (aka dad, pops, papa, johns),

We are eternal souls, with infinite value. As are the people we serve. Therefore, we maintain a culture of honor and provide heroic hospitality.

Making genuine connection is the single most valuable thing we can do. We love ourselves and love our neighbors. There is nothing to fear. Nothing to hide. Nothing to prove. We believe reaping profit is a gifted partnership between man and God. Man might sow and cultivate, but God provides sun and rain. Everyone who touches our company should be better for it (read more here).

This is the core of how we interact with each other and with you, our friends. You're valuable; let's act like it. Our goal is to have a culture that truly accepts one another in fullness. 

If you've been around us much, you know our crew is a pretty varied group! We have fishermen, artists, dental hygienists, entrepreneurs, teachers, coffee roasters, college students, "grown ups," and others in our circle. Some of us work full time, some 4 hours a week, some don't work here at all -- wait what?

team at coffee fest

It's true. We call it the Bryan factor. And we don't really have a way of explaining it, so... sorry. 

The point is, we value each other (and that includes you). We show up for each other as much as we can. Appreciate each other. And where we don't, there's no doubt that we're each seeking to do so. And we hope that shows. 

I believe that's part of what makes us special; not just that we have a good crew, which we really do! But that you are just as much a part of the Joe Crewski as we are. You make Joe, Joe. And, if we're doing it right, you'll experience that honor and care from our team as well. The invite is open; join us?

Stop by the shop and hang out for a few. Or if you're interested in partnering, give us a call at 812-202-6220, or email us at You can also reach me at 

Here's the point: we're just ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen. May we never forget that.

See you soon, ladies and gentlemen.

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