Joe's Immutable Law #1: There's No Prestige in Busyness

Joe's Immutable Law #1: There's No Prestige in Busyness

What are these "laws?"

We have 3 "Immutable Laws" here at Joe. You could also say we have 3 values behind what we do. This is the way we do what we do.

You can find all three simply listed here: Our Values: The What, Why and How. We call these immutable laws, because while a lot may change, these won't. 

Immutable: "not changing."

In a world full of subjectivity and change, these are the places we land and will stay. Though coffee tastes may vary, "best" brew methods can (and should) be argued, and principles of good brewing will change with new discoveries, we're going to stand firm on these Immutable Laws (shoutout to Mike Michalowicz for this phrase).

This is what we believe. Yes,

This is what we believe

  1. There's No Prestige In Busyness.
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen.
  3. Keep the Fingerprints. 

Can't wait to share more. For now, let's dive into number 1. 

There's No Prestige in Busyness. 

Here's our textbook definition:

We reject busyness as a sign of prosperity. More is not more. Less is more. We pursue profit and prosperity through simplicity. Through reviewing what is profitable, we cut the fat and leave the muscle. We are far more concerned with where we are going and who we are becoming than when we will arrive. We're playing penny slots. Consistent investments over time always pay. Maybe in one penny, maybe in two hundred.. but it is the way (read more here).
- Nate Templeton

Let's not hide it, this is yanked straight from the way of life Jesus (yeah, the one from the good 'ole Bible) lived out.

Jesus, a man about to change the entire world, walked eerily slow for a revolutionary. Unwilling to change Rome or western civilization by force, He walked at a pace some have described as "the pace of love." You might also call it the pace of relationship. Communion. Abiding.

He walked slow. And the world is changed.. 2000 slow years later.

We want to be like that..yup. Because Jesus knew what was up.

Here's a book we recommend if you want to learn more about our stances here. A few of us have read this bad boy.


    The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry.

Let's keep it light. We rest so we can play! And we rest so we can work. And we work so we can rest. And that means taking it slower. We take time to breathe, so we can serve you. At the very least, we are learning to be a little less rushed

So.. we land hard here. We are never our best selves when we are rushed. We can actually be there for you and each other if we take it slow. And while that's tremendously hard (admittedly, everyone on our core team is pretty fast paced! We're all figuring this out), it's a worthwhile goal and value. 

An Immutable Law.

There's no prestige in busyness. Let's become who we're becoming, step by step. And once we've begun, let's not forget to ask "who am I doing this all for?" That's worth discovering together. 


See you soon.

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