For Those Who Just Want to Know What in the World We Do

If you were to request of one of us, "just tell me what you do." Here's what we might say.

Joe Brewski Coffee. That's the official name. We roast all of our coffee in house, and we specialize in cold brew. Black cold brew, nitro cold brew, cold brew draft lattes, you name it. So.. how does that work?

Joe does more than it may look like on the surface. A massive part of our mission is to make sure you have "coffee where you're at." This means a few things.

1: We had to make killer products and services. As this has evolved over time, and continues to, here's where we're at.

We serve our cold product both on taps and in growlers. Our products include the cold brews listed above, as well as seasonal draft lattes (like our infamous Red Velvet, available only in February), a few AMAZING house lemonades and house craft sodas. We also have fresh Baked cookies in house (yes, Baked is capital. That's a killer cookie shop in Bloomington that we've made friends with). Apart from that, we sell all of our beans in 12oz bags or in bulk. We even take those beans and make cold brew kits so you can take them home and do it all yourself.

Then we ran into a problem: how do we get these products to the people?

2: Catering, wholesale, retail, fundraising.

We cater our cold brew coffees and drinks by the keg, and our hot coffees by the gallon.

We wholesale our cold brews by the keg, and our coffee beans by the pound. Yes! That means we actually partner with some other shops and roast for them! Roasting is a core component of our company. The quality of our roasting determines everything else we do. We want to do this more, so reach out if you're interested! We'd love to send you some samples and see if its a good fit.

We have a brick-and-mortar in which we sell all of our stuff! If you want a cold brew, come have some fun with us. We're usually goofing off while doing some work, and we'll happily serve you any of our drinks right off the tap.

And at long last, the final category. Fundraisers! This is what you think. Remember doing fundraisers for your school, band, club, or sports team back in the day? Yup. We do too. We love to support local schools, so reach out if you ever are interested in fundraising with our coffee! We'll tell you all about it.

3rd. That's where we are. Now what?

Our goal is to become who we're becoming by serving you well. Now you see what we do, simply put. Want to learn more? Reach out, or stop by! We'd love to hear from you. We call our customers friends for a reason -- if you wouldn't call us a friend, we're probably not treating you right. See you soon!

-Joe Crewski