Decaf Colombia - Mountain Water Process
Trust us. This is it.

Decaf Colombia - Mountain Water Process

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Why we love it:


Decaf is a unique process. Before roasting, the bean goes through a series of washes to remove the caffeine from within (over-simplified). Once finished, you have a very different product than you started with. Decaf bean require a different approach to roasting, must be handled gently, and can go rancid in a moment. 

Thus, after months of weekly testing, we believe we've found the sweet spot. We're proud to be serving you this Decaf. It's roast is comparable to a light/medium roast, and yet it carries a rich, velvety texture and taste that reminds us of the classic cup of Joe our parents used to drink. SA more modern roast, we're proud to serve this to you.


 You may taste:

White sugar, milk chocolate, classic Joe. But better.