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Made for Cold Brew

The Brewski Blend

The Brewski Blend

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About the Joe:

Why we love it:

Winner of the 2023 Coffee Fest Cold Brew Competition, Brewski Blend is our highly-esteemed house blend. We use it as a base for most of our cold brew drinks -- and we love it for its versatility. Whether mixing it to make Salted Caramel, or taking it solo as Nitro, it tops the charts.

Full confession: the secret sauce is a blend of 80% Brazil Serra Negra, 20% Ethiopia Guji Kercha. 

Basically, math. Full body and rich cocoa-ey goodness (our Brazil) + a lighter body and rose-like sweetness (our Ethiopia) = a power couple rivaling Dumb and Dumber. 

Take that how you want. We recommend Brewski Blend for cold brew, but it makes a killer drip as well. 



 You may taste:

Rich cocoa, light rose, peanut butter, caramel AND honey sweetness.

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