All Inclusive Cold Brew Kit
All Inclusive Cold Brew Kit
Joe Brewski Coffee

All Inclusive Cold Brew Kit

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What this is all about:

This cold brew kit is for the person who wants the full experience. They to try one of our signature salted caramel or bourbon barrel stout cold brews. But... they also want a delicious single origin Ethiopian? AND a full bodied Colombian on cold brew. AND they want to try it at home. Here you go. It's what you want. Everything you need to get started with cold brew at home.

13 piece set includes:

3 - Brewski Blend 4oz
1 - Ethiopia 4oz
1 - Columbia 4oz
1 - Bottle Salted Caramel Syrup
1 - bottle Bourbon Barrel Stout Syrup
5 - Coffee Filters

What you'll need:
A pitcher, water, milk, and you.
~These coffees are ground right before shipping. Fun fact: While a pre-ground coffee will stale for hot-brewed coffee, cold brewing will typically brew better with older coffee~