About Us

Joe Brewski is excited to celebrate growth with our community!! We (Nate and family) started bootlegging roasted coffee in 2015 with a whisk and a heat gun. In 2018 Joe focused on cold brew, got official, and started serving markets and events off the back of a repurposed tricycle. We grew our business delivering cold brew coffee to homes, offering kegerator rentals, catering hot coffee to offices and networking events, and selling cold brew, lemonades, and sodas to wholesale partners. August 2021 Joe opened our first retail location at 10 NW 6th St. Then we launched a fundraiser program to help our local schools and nonprofits raise money with a unique product offering.

That brings us to today! Our team has grown. We're having a blast. We’re continuously working on our shop and getting it set up the way we like it, and we’re still constantly experimenting with cold brews, dunking anything we can think of, from fruity pebbles to donuts to blended Joe Palmers. Still yet...the biggest piece of news is we now have a 10 kilo coffee roaster in house!! With the addition of our coffee roaster, we are able to offer office coffee and subscription coffee beans. Now, we are excited to invite our friends, families, and community in to show off our new coffee roaster!!